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Automated Guided Vehicles - AGV


Inductive Transfer Technology is new, cutting edge technology. In principle, the technology is “Ground Breaking”, because it transfers electrical energy through an air gap. There is no power supply on the vehicle. It receives its power from electromagnetic energy created by electrical cables buried below a slot that guides the vehicle
Power transmitted through an air-gap (+ 20mm)

- No contacts between power source and utilization components
- No cable festoons
- Primary core embedded below ground in well insulated sheath
- Major safety benefits
- Significant reduction in maintenance

Directech Inductive Powered Automated Guided Vehicles operates as moving robots while carrying specialized tools for different applications, customizable as per customer requirement.
Directech AGVs at work: loading and moving trolleys around the factory to designated work stations. <br />Directech's AGVs are fully equipped with Wi-fi connectivity, objects detection system, state of the art controller, and are managed by the Zenon Industry 4.0 scada system.<br /><br />They are build to suit a South Africa market with price and quality consideration catering design. They can be used in the Automotive Factories, Warehouses Logistics, Plants good and spares, etc
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