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Re-Think the way Machines are built.

Published by Lenny Ramaselele in Machine Building · 12/3/2017 21:06:51
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Re-Think the way Machines are built.

The MB Building kit system from item is a modular aluminium profile that has been around the world for more than 40 years. item was originally a design office for specialist mechanical engineering and production plants that focused on the challenges its customers faced in assembly, Welding and grinding technology. It quickly became apparent that the steel construction methods in use at the time came with considerable risks.

Complex and costly processes such as welding, milling, grinding, cleaning, and coating, high levels of investment in machinery, high personnel costs and long assembly and delivery times all tied up a lot of capital. The MB- Building kit system is the solution for all the design and construction tasks involving factory equipment engineering.

It can be used to build everything from simple frames, enclosures, workbenches, FIFO racks, to a whole new production line. The LPS system also known as the lean production system is a concept that has been around for a long time. This is a very important aspect to companies that want to save on costs. It is mainly because the principles have been proven to work. If a company can boost its efficiency by reducing waste. It will lower its costs and improve its processes.

When it is put into practice, continuous improvement delivers a lot more than simply hoping or waiting for giant leaps in progress. Lean production isn’t a state that companies try to attain, it’s an attitude that guides businesses in the right direction through a series of steps.

We have only started to tap into the potential of lean production. The more progress a company makes with lean production, the smaller the steps have to get. However, even Toyota- the company that first developed the lean concept-would never claim that it has eliminated all waste.

If you decide you’re totally satisfied with what you’ve achieved, you stop getting better. For more than 40 years, engineers around the world have been relying on the MB-Building Kit System because it presents solutions that simply work. The modular components can be combined in a virtually unlimited number of variations, helping you turn your ideas into reality. Reliability and extendibility ensure that systems and structures have an extremely long useful life.

With a lot of products to choose from, the MB-Building Kit System is the way of the future. If companies do not start to using this technology they going to left behind. I personally recommend this system to machine builders, automotive, manufacturing industries that want to implement the smart factory concept. It is easier to use, it is modular, more robust, better looking, more cost effective. We have done many projects with companies like BMW, Bombardier, Kimberly Clark, Atlas Copco to mention a few.

They have found this modular product to be the best among our competition. item south Africa is hitting the market in many industries prior to the trade fairs that we participated in, the Propak exhibition show, the manufacturing indaba, and the Electra mining exhibition show that were held the previous year. The item/Directech stand blew people away, the attention that we got from over 600 to 1000 contacts was a huge success indeed.

Lenny Ramaselele
ITEM Internal Sales
011 708 2202 (Ext.259)

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