The eX700 Series emerges as a remarkable product, born within the X Platform ecosystem, boasting unparalleled access and scalability into the realm of Industry 4.0. Crafted by a company with 45 years of industry expertise, this product maintains a market price comparable to previous models while introducing groundbreaking innovations.

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A beautiful product, created within the X Platform and hence with an unsurpassed ability to offer access and scalability into Industry 4.0. The tremendous technical flexibility is backed by a company with 45 years in the industry and still with a market price at previous models.

The eX700 Series represents a ground breaking product to come to market:

The Revolutionary IIoT Controller.

The product’s concept permits a prudent investment into the implementation of IIoT and hence Industry 4.0 compatibility.As such it provides a true all-in-one solution covering many functions such as:

  • As a powerful Browserwith industry standard Web engine powering state of the art Chromium browser
  • As a Gatewaywith up to 3 Ethernet networks, OPC UA pub/sub* Server and Client, future TSN* connectivity and multiple protocols
  • As a powerful HMIusing JMobile inside with multitouch operation in a brilliant high resolution display
  • As a PLCwith the CODESYS V3 can function as Master through major protocols

Key features

  • Created Within the X Platform
  • Industry 4.0 Product Concept
  • HW and FW Optimised for Extremely Fast Operation
  • System and Project Rapid Boot-Up
  • OS Linux RT
  • JMobile – the software that powers the X Platform
  • CODESYS V3 with Ethernet I/O Stacks
  • Multitouch and Gesturing
  • Brilliant Display
  • Wide Angle Visibility
  • Beautiful 16,000,000 Colors
  • Resistant to Scratches, UV and Chemicals
  • Total Glass Design
  • Networks with different IP addresses
  • Plug in Modules for System Expansion


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