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Kiwami RT (No Dilution / High Solid Clear)

Product Type: Hand Spray Gun (Side Cup)

Industry: Automotive Refinish Market

Application: High Solid Clear Coat

Paint Object: Small – Middle Size

Class: Advanced

Comment: Specialized for Car Refinish

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Anest Iwata ‘Kiwami’ Series 


Since the first arrival in 2004, the ‘Kiwami’ Series spray guns have been best suited to solvent based, environment friendly paint (one-pack low-solvent base coat, high solid clear, etc…) that has been gaining popularity in the field of Automotive Refinishing in recent years.

With the focus on environment friendly paint, flat, wide, and wet coat, we have packed all the atomizing expertise that we have gained over the years in order to bring this series to the ‘Kiwami’ (“Supreme Art” in Japanese) of technology.

In 2021, the Kiwami Series have been introduced in South African market for the first time.


Kiwami RT (Revolutionary Technology)  

KIWAMI-1-16B12 (Best Suited for No Dilution / High Solid Clear, Water-Borne Paint)

  • 1.6mm nozzle size for high viscosity paint
  • Large Fluid Delivery Capacity with High Level of Atomization Capability
  • Best tool to achieve higher transfer efficiency with lower pressure setting
  • Large Pattern (275mm) with Flat and Wide Feature
  • It comes with a seamless free angle side cup (PC-400S-2LSF)
  • Light Weight (290g)


Other models are available upon request.

Click here for instruction manual.


Anest Iwata - High-Quality Spray Guns, Airbrushes, and Spray Painting Equipment


Parts Diagram

Anest Iwata - High-Quality Spray Guns, Airbrushes, and Spray Painting Equipment

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Please email to sales@directech.co.za

Model: KIWAMI-1-16B12

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