AMT Fastening Systems

AMT offer innovative and powerful fastening systems that effortlessly fulfill our customer’s high demands. For safety, high precision and consistent quality this would be an ideal choice.

Product Overview

handheld nut runners

Handheld Nut Runners

Nut runners were developed for professionals who place a lot of value on high performance with low weight. Due to their ergonomic and robust design, they are ideal to use in highly productive assembly lines.
AMT Fastening Systems

Fixture Nut Runners

Fixture spindles set standards in regards to precision, performance and reliability. That is why they are the first choice when short screw times, high precision during bolting and a high availability of the tools are indispensable.
amt controls

AMT Controls

It is possible to fulfill all specifications from our customers. A modular system architecture allows for individual solutions even for the most complex of demands. Great value on the high user-interface of the software.


The quality of an assembly does not depend solely on the use of high-quality tools, but rather also the employees who use them. When designing solutions for our customers, we do not only consider the individual assembly but rather also includes the operator and the design of their workspace into our considerations. The error proofing through a suitable workspace design and the detection of errors through innovative monitoring strategies are the foundation of our system.


As an assembly technology company, AMT offer the complete accessories for a workplace in addition to the assembly technology. This may concern simple telescopes or complex, semi-automatic handling devices. They specialists from the “assembly technology” department have years of experience in the design of ergonomic assembly systems. AMT screw technology reduces the planning and coordination efforts and therefore the costs, your turnkey supplier for assembly systems


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