Advanced Industrial Robotics

NACHI offers a comprehensive range of universal, flexibly applicable industrial Robots. Featuring a compact design combined with a wide working envelope, to ensure collision-free operation in tight spaces.
From highspeed, high-precision operations to lifting heavy loads used in a full range of assembly work and welding solutions. NACHIʼs robots are innovating production facilities with their incredible speed. Nachi continues to evolve with customers to meet the challenge of the worldʼs automation needs.

Product Overview

Spot Welding Robots

Minimum cycle times. Lightweight and highly rigid design. High acceleration, minimum vibration. High speed on axes, reduced move time.
Payload capacity: 100kg to 250kg.

Handling Robots

Machine loading, picking, loading, palletizing, assembling, deburring, polishing, and sealing. High Precision, Fast speed, lightweight, compact robot.
Payload capacity:  2kg to 100kg

Palletizing Robots

High-speed handling, flexible palletizing, compact layout, and easy operation.
Payload capacity:  130kg to 500kg.

Heavy-Duty Robots

Large range of motion. Powerful wrist. High-speed operations.
Payload capacity:  280kg to 1000kg

Clean Room Robotics

Clean-room robots suppress the dust created by arm movements. Flexible transfer with its 6-axis structure.  Powerful payload with Large envelope.
Payload capacity:  25kg to 400kg

Collaborative Robots

Nachi’s new Cobot has several people-friendly functions and structures. Making it easier to install a robot with various applications. Stops safely when a collision is detected.  Easy programming. Pinch Points are Eliminated.
Payload capacity:  10kg


Fast Processing Capacity. Teach pendant is compact and highly functional.  Improved maintainability. Outstanding functionality. Full lineup of safety functions.


Directech is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for all your industrial automation requirements and needs.
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