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AMTs Newest Generation Of Controls: SMX100, SMX300, SMX400

While developing their newest generation of controls for HSX handheld tools and ESX fixture nut runners, the AMT developers follow a radical, new approach. Instead of simply further developing existing controls, completely new control software was developed based on a completely new hardware platform. The following development goals were in focus:

      • Use of a new, powerful hardware platform.
      • Direct communication of the control with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
      • Simple operation of the software.
      • Energy efficiency, this means clear savings in energy compared to the previous systems

Controls for HCX | ECR | KCX

AMT control systems adjust optimally to the needs of our customers. Every customer receives “as much power as possible, but only as much hardware as needed”. This allows for inexpensive system solutions.

The SMD10 is our inexpensive beginner’s model in the world of EC fastening technology. It has up to 15 tightening programs and allows for the connection of our handheld tools with reaction torque sensors.

The SMX40, SMX30 and SMX20 series set standards on the upper end of the performance scale. Thanks to an integrated PC, there are practically no limits in regards to network capabilities and integration in superior lead computer and quality assurance systems. The flexible software architecture of the controls also allows for the adjustment of the control software to nearly any usage applications. And if the software does not fit despite its powerful scope of function? No problem! Our strength is the creation of individual software solutions fitting to customer specifications while using our proven basic software.

The SMX40, SMX30 and SMX20 series are master controls that allow for the establishment of multichannel, local control architecture. Up to 9 inexpensive SMX10 controls can also be connected to one master control. The SMX10 is just as powerful as a master in regards to the tightening application; however, it does not have an integrated PC. That is why the connection to superior systems occurs solely through a master control. Such a control configuration offers high performance at a low price.

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