Nachi Robotics

Nachi Robotics

Explore our extensive portfolio of robots for diverse applications, including spot welding, material handling, palletizing, cleanroom environments, and collaborative tasks.

Spot Welding Robots

Nachi Robotics has established itself as a leader in spot welding automation with its precision-engineered robotic solutions. These robots are meticulously designed to deliver impeccable welds consistently, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance in manufacturing environments. With advanced control systems and superior accuracy, Nachi Robotics’ spot welding robots streamline the welding process, optimizing productivity and reducing production costs for industries ranging from automotive to electronics.

Handling Robots

In the realm of material handling, Nachi Robotics offers a diverse range of robotic arms tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries. These robots are equipped with advanced gripping technologies and intuitive control systems, allowing for seamless manipulation of a wide range of materials and products. Whether it’s loading and unloading tasks or intricate assembly operations, Nachi Robotics’ handling robots excel in enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and throughput in manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Heavy Duty Robots

In heavy-duty industrial applications, Nachi Robotics’ rugged and robust robots stand out for their exceptional strength, durability, and performance. These heavy-duty robots are specifically designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and rigorous demands, making them ideal for tasks such as material handling, machining, and welding in challenging environments. With their superior load capacities, high-speed capabilities, and precise motion control, Nachi Robotics’ heavy-duty robots ensure reliable operation and maximum uptime in the most demanding industrial settings.

Palletizing Robots

Nachi Robotics’ palletizing robots are engineered to revolutionize warehouse automation, providing unmatched efficiency and versatility in palletizing operations. These robots boast high-speed performance, precise positioning, and intelligent software capabilities, enabling them to handle diverse palletizing tasks with ease. Whether it’s stacking boxes, bags, or containers, Nachi Robotics’ palletizing robots offer seamless integration and unparalleled reliability, empowering businesses to optimize their logistics processes and maximize throughput.

Collaborative Robot

Nachi Robotics’ collaborative robots, also known as cobots, represent the next frontier in human-robot interaction, fostering safe and efficient collaboration in manufacturing environments. These robots are equipped with advanced safety features, including force-sensing technology and collision detection systems, allowing them to work alongside human operators without the need for safety barriers. With their intuitive interfaces and easy programming capabilities, Nachi Robotics’ cobots enable seamless integration into existing workflows, enhancing productivity, flexibility, and worker satisfaction.

Clean Room Robots

Nachi Robotics sets the standard for clean room automation with its meticulously engineered robots designed to meet the stringent cleanliness requirements of industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and semiconductors. These clean room robots feature sealed designs, smooth surfaces, and specialized coatings to prevent contamination and maintain pristine working environments. With their precision and reliability, Nachi Robotics’ clean room robots play a crucial role in ensuring product quality, compliance, and safety in clean room manufacturing facilities worldwide.


Robot Controller

Nachi Robotics offers a wide range of accessories designed to augment industrial automation systems. From flexible grippers for adaptable workpiece handling to versatile rotary tables with high payload capacity, our accessories cater to diverse applications. Advanced sensor systems ensure precise object detection and rapid response times, while integrated sealing solutions streamline operational efficiency. Our travel devices enable fast and precise movement, doubling as adjustable jig sliders when needed. Customizable graphical interfaces enhance user experience and streamline programming tasks. Additionally, force-sensitive capabilities enable delicate operations at high speeds, while integrated welding controls ensure optimal weld quality and efficiency. Our accessories are designed to empower users to optimize their automation systems and achieve exceptional results in their manufacturing processes.

Robot Accessories

Nachi offers a comprehensive selection of robot accessories to enhance industrial automation systems. From the adaptable FLEXhand for versatile workpiece handling to the high-capacity Endless Rotary Table, our accessories cater to diverse applications. The NV-Pro and NV-AX systems ensure precise object detection and reduced tact time, while sealing applications benefit from synchronized operation with robots. The Travel Device enables swift movement over short distances and functions as a versatile jig slider. FlexGui provides customizable interfaces for intuitive operation, and Direct Teaching facilitates hands-on robot programming. Force Sensors enable delicate operations at high speeds, while the Weld Timer Integrated in Robot Controller simplifies welding processes. Lastly, the Lifter LF Series effortlessly handles heavy loads. These accessories empower users to optimize automation systems and achieve exceptional results with Nachi Robotics.

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