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Welding is a joining technology that involves the fusion of two or more pieces of material, typically metals, using heat and pressure. It is a versatile process that can be used to join a wide variety of materials. 

Welding creates strong, durable, and often aesthetically pleasing bonds that are ideal for a range of industrial and manufacturing applications such as construction, automotive, railway, or shipbuilding. There are numerous welding processes available, including MIG/MAG and TIG arc welding, spot welding, bolt welding and laser welding – each with its own advantages and limitations. Our OTC DAIHEN product portfolio addresses all above.

Vertex Welding Machines


Our VERTEX inverter power sources are all-rounders suitable for manual welding and mechanized welding across all materials. The VERTEX line up offers power ranges from 200-500A. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of welding applications, our power sources provide exceptional versatility and reliability. Our VERTEX line up is available in different versions, for example with integrated or external wire feeding solutions.

Arxis Welding Machines


Our top-of-the-line ARXIS model, powered by the latest Welbee chipset generation, is designed for customers who demand the highest standards in welding performance. With its exceptional combination of high welding speeds and maximum efficiency, the ARXIS model is the ideal choice for customers who demand nothing but the best from their welding equipment whether you are working manual or with robot automized systems on complex welding projects. 

OTC DAIHEN developed the welding control chip “Welbee” which offers significantly improved welding performance and enhanced IT functionalities. “Welbee” provides precise waveform control by delivering accurate feedback of ultra high-speed sampled welding current and voltage, resulting in high-precision and high-quality welding. Overall, “Welbee” represents a breakthrough in welding technology, delivering unprecedented levels of accuracy, efficiency, and is ECO Design ready.

The ARXIS is the latest generation of the OTC welding machine range. These inverter machines, with power classes ranging from 300 to 500 amps, are perfect for both manual and automated welding in industrial applications across various industries.

ARXIS - Machines

One standout innovation is the rapid calibration feature of the ARXIS machines. With the ability to calibrate without a specialized device, service personnel or users can conduct calibration on-site without needing to dismantle the power source. Additionally, the ARXIS offers a range of exciting advantages:

    • Higher performance with an increased wire feed speed limit
    • Improved gap bridging capability
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-controlled intelligent pulse processing
    • Customizable LCD panel

In addition to the ARXIS  machines, OTC also offers the Economy ARXIS  machines – P432E, P403E, P323E. These models serve as perfect entry-level options for professional welders. While they are only suitable for manual welding, they deliver outstanding welding properties for both steel and stainless steel.

Manual Welding


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