TPA Direct Drive Actuators


Direct drive actuators represent a cutting-edge solution for high-performance motion control applications, eliminating the need for mechanical transmission components such as gears or belts. By directly coupling the motor to the load, these actuators deliver unparalleled accuracy, responsiveness, and efficiency. Whether it’s in semiconductor manufacturing, precision optics, or aerospace testing, direct drive actuators excel in providing smooth and precise motion, enabling superior performance and reliability. With their direct transmission of torque, these actuators minimize energy loss and mechanical wear, resulting in enhanced system longevity and reduced maintenance requirements. Experience the ultimate in motion control with TPA direct drive actuators.


Linear motors are a specific type of direct drive actuator designed to provide linear motion by directly driving a linear motor. These motors offer exceptional precision, speed, and acceleration, making them ideal for applications requiring fast and accurate positioning. Linear motors are commonly used in pick-and-place operations, high-speed sorting systems, and precision machining tasks where rapid and precise movement is critical. TPA Motion Control’s linear motor actuators deliver superior performance and reliability, ensuring optimal operation in demanding industrial environments.


Rotary motors are another type of direct drive actuator that provides rotational motion directly to the load. These motors offer high torque, precision, and responsiveness, making them suitable for a wide range of rotary motion applications. Rotary motors are commonly used in robotics, indexing tables, and rotary positioning systems, where smooth and accurate rotary motion is required. TPA Motion Control’s rotary motor actuators offer robust construction, precise control, and reliable performance, making them an ideal choice for demanding motion control applications.

Elevate your operations with TPA’s exceptional motion control technology, backed by the expertise and unparalleled support of Directech.

Direct Drive Actuators


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