Fixture Nut Runners

Fixture Nut Runners ECR

Fixture nut runners from the ECR series have proven themselves in thousands of applications and are distinguished by reliability, high performance, and extreme precision even with complex assembly applications. See ECR Fixture Nut Runner

Compact Fixture Nut Runners KCX

The KCX series is extremely compact and very light. They were developed specifically for applications where the space and weight of the fastening technology being used play an important role. This is the case for all applications where single or multiple channel nut runner systems must be executed in tight spaces. Examples for this are robot applications like the assembly of sunroofs or the assembly of instrument panels. See KCX Compact Fixture Nut Runners


The fixture nut runners from the ESX series are the newest generation of fixture spindles in our portfolio. Higher torques and higher speeds are achieved through the use of new high-power motors with improved efficiency. The exchanging of signals between the tool and control is carried out digitally from the ESX series.

Together with the new ESX series, a completely newly developed control generation was implemented. This makes it possible to now program and monitor the tool with mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

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Fixture Nut Runners


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