MC600 Heavy Duty Robot

The Nachi MC600 is a robust industrial robot designed to conquer the toughest material handling challenges with its exceptional lifting capacity and impressive reach. Designed for heavy duty tasks.

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The Nachi MC600 is a robust industrial robot designed to conquer the toughest material handling challenges with its exceptional lifting capacity and impressive reach. Designed for heavy duty tasks.

600kg Payload: Effortlessly handle the heaviest objects, including:

  • Car bodies and engine components
  • Large machine parts
  • Heavy metal castings and dies
  • Construction materials


Wrist with hollow construction

  • Compact and easy routing for cables and hoses.
  • Improved reliability for ancillary cables and hoses.

Strong wrist

  • Supports large-scale guns and workpieces with substantial wrist torques.
  • Top of their class wrist torques.
    (1.8 times the wrist capacity compared to our conventional machines)

High-speed operations

  • Top operating performance in their class.

Improved applicability

  • Large operating envelope to easily replace existing equipment.

Signal wires for moving applications are standard equipment

  • Air 2 system, signal wires with 40 conductors, DeviceNet cable, LAN cable.

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PDF ·MC600 (2pages/1,133KB)

Exterior dimensions and operating envelope

Exterior dimensions and operating envelope MC600

(*1) The specifications are subject to changes without notice.
(*2) In case that an end user uses this product for military purpose or production of weapon, this product may be liable for the subject of export restriction stipulated in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. Please go through careful investigation and necessary formalities for export.


MC600 Robot specifications


Robot model MC600-01
Structure Articulated
Number of axes 6
Drive system AC servo system
J1 ±3.14rad (±180°)
J2 -1.83 to +1.05rad (-105 to +60°)
J3 -2.44 to +0.52rad (-140 to +30°)
J4 ±3.67rad (±210°)
J5 ±2.09rad(±120°)
J6 Maximum : ±6.28rad (±360°)
Initial setting : ±3.67rad (±210°) *4
Max. velocity J1 1.57rad/s (90°/s)
J2 1.57rad/s (90°/s)
J3 1.57rad/s (90°/s)
J4 1.92rad/s (110°/s)
J5 1.92rad/s (110°/s)
J6 3.14rad/s (180°/s)
Payload Wrist 600kg
Forearm *1 Maximum 50kg
static load
torque for
J4 3450N·m
J5 3450N·m
J6 1725N·m
moment of
inertia for
wrist *2
J4 600kg·m2
J5 600kg·m2
J6 400kg·m2
Position repeatability *3 ±0.09mm
Installation Floor
Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature : 0to45°C *5
Ambient humidity : 20to85% RH (without condensation)
Vibration : Not more than 0.5G (4.9m/s2)

Robot mass 2,850kg

MC600 Key Features:

  • High-Torque Motors: Deliver the power required to handle the heaviest loads with ease.
  • Rigid Arm Structure: Ensures exceptional stability and minimizes deflection during handling.
  • Advanced Control Software: Precisely control movement paths and optimize handling operations.
  • Collision Detection and Avoidance: Protects the robot and surrounding equipment from accidental damage.
  • Hollow Wrist Design: Internal cable routing maximizes payload capacity and simplifies maintenance.

MC600 Ideal Applications:

  • Automotive Manufacturing: Handle car bodies, engine components, and other heavy parts.
  • Metalworking and Foundry: Lift and transport large castings, dies, and molds.
  • Heavy Machinery: Maneuver heavy machinery components and assemblies.
  • General Manufacturing: Automate material handling tasks for various heavy objects.
  • Construction Industry: Handle concrete blocks, steel beams, and other building materials.


1[rad] = 180/π[°], 1[N·m] = 1/9.8[kgf·m]

( * ) Explosion-proof is not available.
(*1) This value changes by placement and load conditions of a wrist.
(*2) The Allowable moment of inertia of a wrist changes with load conditions of a wrist.
(*3) This value conforms to “JIS B 8432”.
(*4) The initial settings are ±210°. When passing cable through the hollow part of the 6th axis, use a range of ±210°. When a cable is not passed through, the operating envelope can be extended to a maximum of ±360°, depending on the usage conditions.
(*5) Permitted height is not higher than 1,000m above sea level. If used in higher place, permitted temperature is affected by height.


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