FD Robot controller

The Nachi FD robot controller is the intelligent heart that brings your Nachi robots to life. It offers a powerful and versatile solution for controlling a wide range of Nachi industrial robots.

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The Nachi FD robot controller is the intelligent heart that brings your Nachi robots to life. It offers a powerful and versatile solution for controlling a wide range of Nachi industrial robots.

FD Controller FD Robot controller

Fast Processing Capacity

High-speed CPU brings huge improvement to cycle time, tracking operations, and internal processing time performance.

Teach pendant is compact and highly functional

Compact and lightweight with re-tooled keys and improved ergonomics.
A standard touch screen with an HMI display makes operations simple and intuitive.

Improved maintainability

Minimized controller components to maximize maintainability.
Quick parts replacement.

Outstanding functionality

Excellent software functions carried over from the AX controller.
Easily adapts to various applications.

A full lineup of safety functions

Compliant with category 3 safety standards in the US and Europe as standard.

FD Robot controller Catalog Download

PDF · FD Controller (2pages/198KB)

FD Robot controller External diagram of the controller

FD Robot controller

Controller basic specifications  |  Option specifications  |  Teach pendent display specifications

The FD Robot Controller basic specifications (Domestic specifications: FD11-0000)


Item Specifications
Controlled axes Simultaneous 6 axes (maximum 8 axes as option)
Servo motors AC servo motors
Positioning Absolute encoder
Programming System Teaching, playback
Program number 9,999 programs
Memory capacity 256 MB (equivalent to 2,560,000 steps)
Memory format Flash memory
External memory USB memory supported (USB memory not included)
Operation panel Mode switch (teaching/playback)
Emergency stop button, operation setup button,
start button, stop button
Safety functions PLd (category 3 compliant)
Harness to the robot controller 5 m (controller cable specifications)
User interface User panels: On the front, side, and inside door
(Some panels may not be usable if hardware options are added)
Serial interface RS232C 1ch
Construction Fully enclosed cabinet
Protection IP54 equivalent
Cooling method Indirect cooling (heat exchanger)
Primary power supply specifications 200 VAC to 220 VAC ±10% (3 phase, 50/60 Hz) D type ground
Breaker capacity 40 A, maximum current leakage 100 mA
Standby power*1 0.13 kVA (cooling fan on), 0.08 kVA (cooling fan off)
Ambient temperature 0 to 45°C (50/60 Hz)
Ambient humidity 20 to 85% (without condensation)
Exterior dimensions W 580 × D 542 × H 590 (mm) (not including 60 mm height of feet)
Weight Approx. 62 kg
Color Munsell 10GY9/1

(*1) The standby power consumption is when in energy-saving mode. In energy-saving mode the brakes are locked, power to servo motors is turned off, and the robot holds its position. Refer to the basic specification sheet of a robot for the electric power requirements.

FD Robot controller Option specifications

Item Specifications
Overseas compliance North American specifications FD11-1101 : ANSI/RIA compliant
European specifications FD11-2101: CE mark compliant
Primary power voltage conversion
(external dimensions of the controller)
380/400/420/440/460/480 VAC ±10% (3 phase, 50/60 Hz) D type ground
Breaker capacity 30 A, maximum current leakage 100 mA
W 580 × D 542 × H 1,180 (mm) (not including 60 mm height of foot)
Harness to a robot controller The extension (total): 10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 25 m (controller cable specifications)
Additional axes Gun axis, traverse axis, tool axis, hand axis
External memory USB memory (1 GB)
Fieldbus Device-Net, Profibus, FL-net, CC-Link, and others supported
Maximum 4 channels can be installed
Additional input/output signals Input 32 points/output 32 points or input 64 points/output 64 points
Output signal relay contact specifications 32 or 64 points (I/O signals added and set to use)
Analog input/output Input 2 channels, output 4 channels
Visual sensor function Built-in visual sensor NV-Pro
Conveyor synchronizing function Conveyor tracking control
Palletize function Palletize and de-palletize support functions
Robot language JIS SLIM language-compliant
PLC function Software PLC IEC 1131-3 compliant

FD Robot controller Teach pendant display specifications

Item Specifications
Display 5.7-inch color LCD (640 × 480 pixels, with backlight, 65,536 colors)
Touch panel
Language specifications
Enable SW One-handed deadman switch, three positions (left-hand side)
Operation functions Axis operation key, value input key, selection/function key,
operation setup ON key, emergency stop button
External memory interface USB port
Cable length
8m (controller cable specifications)
Extension (total): 15 m, 25 m (controller cable specifications)
Protection IP65 compliant
Exterior dimensions W 170 × H 300 × D 65 (mm) (excluding hook and corner guard)
Weight 0.96 kg (excluding cable)
  • The specifications are subject to changes without notice.
  • In case an end user uses this product for military purposes or the production of weapons, this product may be liable for the subject of export restriction stipulated in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law. Please go through careful investigation and necessary formalities for export.

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