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The integrated PC in the SMX30 makes this control a genuine high-end product, for which practically no limits are placed on functional scope and expansion possibilities


The SMX30 PC does not require a hard disk, resulting in more advanced functionality when compared to traditional nut runner controls. For example, it is possible to directly connect this control to the customer’s data processing system.

The SMX30 offers programming capabilities for complex nut running processes. All torque and angle-based algorithms are available as base modules. These modules, along with additional commands for process control, can be linked with user-friendly parameter software to create complex nut running processes. Conditional program statements can be based on rundown results, which enable, for example, loosening operations with or without repeated nut running. In addition, the control offers advanced nut running and monitoring processes, such as yield control, retrospective nut running monitor, and friction measurement. Rundown results can be stored locally or uploaded to a host computer.

It is possible to create a local, cost-effective nut running network with the SMX30. Up to nine SMX10 nut runner controls can be linked via Ethernet to an SMX30. The SMX30 also functions in this case as a master control, communicating with customer systems, e.g., conveyor control system or host computer, and coordinates all connected SMX10 slaves.


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