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The SMD10 combines the demand for a cost-efficient control with the advantages of modern electrical nut runner technology


Pneumatic nut runners are still used frequently for many tightening tasks. However, increased demands on quality and assembly process safety and reliability have led to an increased interest in high-tech EC nut runner technology. The SMD10 nut runner control was developed for just this purpose.

All nut running tools for the SMD10 are equipped with torque sensors and also store the rotation angle. The SMD10 provides precision torque with consistent quality. By storing the rotation angle, the control monitors whether or not the specified torque is being applied to the bolted assembly. In addition, the tool’s current consumption, equivalent to the torque, is used as a redundant control variable. By doing this, all requirements for safe, reliable, and high-quality bolted assemblies are met by the SMD10.


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