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The SMX10 is a powerful nut runner control for fastening processes that require documentation.

Nutrunner data and graphs are transferred to higher-order quality assurance systems over the Ethernet interface.


The SMX10 offers the same nut running features as the SMX30, without an integrated PC. It was developed especially for use in networks and is generally driven as a “slave” component. An Ethernet interface provides communication capabilities with a plant’s master control (e.g., PC) or an SMX30.

In slave mode, the SMX10 receives program requirements from a master, based on target data that is either stored locally or downloaded from a host computer. These are then processed by the SMX10 in a self-sufficient manner. After each fastening operation, rundown results and graphs are reported back to the master.

In addition to torque, and angle-controlled standard fastening processes, expanded nut running and monitoring functions, such as yield point tightening, retrospective monitoring, and friction measurements are available with the SMX 10. Nutrunning processes can include many individual steps, e.g. user-programmable automatic loosening in case of NOK results, repeated program steps, or program abort in case of NOK.


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