Torque: 4 – 250 Nm
Speed: Up to 1876 1/m

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AMT Handheld nut runners are impressive with their high performance and lightweight construction. Due to their ergonomic and robust design, our nut runners are ideal to use in highly productive assembly lines.

High accuracy

AMT Handheld nut runners have a torque sensor and a rotation angle sensor. Fastening can therefore be done with the highest precision with consistent quality. All AMT controls additionally monitor the power intake of the tool equivalent to the torque as a redundant control variable. Thus, all requirements that are placed in the assembly of safety-relevant or quality-critical fastening joints are fulfilled.


The new AMT Handheld nut runners combine appealing design and trend-setting ergonomics. The status display with a display of the selected direction of rotation enables a good view of the LEDs from all directions. Smoother, more comfortable hand grips as well as motor protection sleeves with better grip ensure new ergonomic standards in the Handheld nut runner – sector. Because of these optimal ergonomic designs and the lower weight of the tool, the operator strain is reduced. The control allows the tightening of a fastener in several controlled stages without intermediate stops. Acceleration and braking ramps as well as a soft stop reduce the physical strain.

Digital communication

The AMT Handheld nut runners communicate digitally with the control. As the number of wires is reduced, the nut runner cable is thin, flexible, light, and has improved kink protection. The new tool plug has a high degree of protection against unintentional disconnection of the connector.

Robust design

The AMT Handheld nut runner combines sophisticated technology with a robust design. Motors and gearboxes ensure maximum load capacity and durability in rough industrial applications. Longer maintenance periods and life cycles reduce your overall cost of purchase and deployment, thus supporting your amortization.

Maintenance management

The integrated maintenance management signals the technically and economically optimal time for the next nut runner maintenance. Must be carried out only if it is required.


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