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Kiwami4-WB2 Spray Gun

Product Type: Hand Spray Gun (Centre Cup)

Industry: Automotive Refinish Market

Application: Base Coat (for difficult colours)

Paint Object: Medium – Large Size

Class: Advanced

Comment: Split Nozzle for Best Atomization

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With the first full model change from the W-400 and LPH-400 in 23 years, we have added the new ‘kiwami4 model to the ‘kiwami brand of specialized spray guns for automotive refinishing applications.

We carried on the features of the updated WIDER4 while fully renewing the functionality and visual design, giving it unprecedented ease of use and a refined look.

Ergonomic Design with the Focus on Functionality
The whole gun is 25g lighter than the previous models. Overall body length is 3.5mm shorter, and the grip is 5.0mm longer, shifting the center of gravity closer to the hand. This delivers a major improvement in handling to reduce fatigue and makes the user more efficient.

Kiwami4 WBX
* The mark for the center of gravity in the photograph above is for the purpose of illustration.

Kiwami4 WB2 – WB2 cap and V slit nozzle combination allows for better atomization with less fluid output than other Kiwami series.

Kiwami4 WB is able to spray a flat & thin pattern shape. Therefore, it is the most suitable model for improving mottling with high difficulty colours and reducing the running of clear coat.

WB2 cap has less air flow volume, but achieves higher atomization.

New Models Make Maintenance Easier
The new WIDER models are designed for easier maintenance. We changed the thread pitch of the cap from 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm, so that it can be screwed on with around 1.5 turns, which is half as many as before. Also, the back end of the needle valve is shaped with a recess to make it easier to remove and reinstall. We made it easier to attach hoses by adding straight threadless sections to the air and fluid connectors.

Improved Air Valve Seat Sets for More Consistent Installation
In previous models, the positional relationships between large and small orifices could produce differences in air volume, which could potentially influence paint discharge volume and pattern width. We revised the structure for the new WIDER, making it possible to have the orifices much larger and more uniform, and thus adopted for it a new air valve seat set for lower pressure loss and less individual variation when installing.

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