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Pressure Feed Paint Tank (PT Series)

For continuous painting of a single colour, the paint pressure tank is very convenient. It is available in both manual and automatic models equipped with a mixer to prevent the paint from settling. High pressure paint tank is suitable for painting high viscosity paints or adhesives as max pressure is high and fluid outlet pressure is low.

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Paint pressure tank (Paint tank) PT series                

  • For continuous coating of paint of an almost constant colour, the 10 – to 80-litre paint pressure tank is very convenient.
  • There are two models, manual and automatic, equipped with an agitator to prevent paint from settling.
  • The automatic model mixes paint continuously with an air motor and is useful when paint that easily precipitates is used or when a coating job is done at a remote location.
  • The inner container (option) is mounted inside the paint pressure tank and ideal for coating jobs involving frequent colour changes (material: SUS304

We have both 20 Liter and 60 Liter options available in stock.


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For PT-20DM, please click below page:

Parts List (PT-20DM)


For PT-60DM, please chick below page:

Parts List (PT-60DM)


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Model: PT-20DM (60DM)

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20 litre (PT-20DM), 60 litre (PT-60DM)


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