MZ07F/MZ07LF High speed robot

The Nachi MZ07F and MZ07LF robots redefine speed and accuracy for high-performance handling tasks. MZ07LF: Offers a slightly longer reach compared to the MZ07F, ideal for applications requiring extended workspace

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The Nachi MZ07F and MZ07LF robots redefine speed and accuracy for high-performance handling tasks.  Ideal for applications requiring extended workspace

  • World’s Fastest Lightweight Robot: Experience unmatched cycle times and maximize productivity with the MZ series, proven to be the fastest in its class.
  • Up to 43% Faster Tact Time: Compared to conventional robots, the MZ boasts significantly improved acceleration and deceleration, leading to quicker operations.

Precision You Can Trust:

  • High Rigidity Design: The robust construction ensures exceptional accuracy and repeatability, ideal for delicate handling tasks.
  • Enhanced Path Accuracy: Minimize misalignment and achieve precise movements for efficient operation.

Space-Saving Design:

  • Compact and Lightweight: The series boasts a small footprint, allowing for seamless integration into tight workspaces.
  • Hollow Wrist: Internal cable routing through the hollow wrist minimizes interference and simplifies operation in confined spaces.

Nachi MZ07F and MZ07LF Applications:


  • Pick and Place: Ideal for high-speed handling of various objects.
  • Assembly: Achieve precise and efficient assembly processes.
  • Packaging: Ensure fast and accurate packaging operations.
  • Machine Tending: Automate machine loading and unloading with speed and precision.
  • Quality Control: Perform high-speed inspections with unmatched accuracy.

High speed – Increased Productivity –

The world’s top class speed on each axis remains unchanged. Up to 43% * shorter tact time than conventional models due to improved acceleration/deceleration performance.

High accuracy – appliable to complex work, reduction in tact time –

Improved pose repeatability can handle complex operations. Enhanced path accuracy for tact time reduction.

Pose repeatability : Reduced misalignment to approx. 3/4* of conventional robots
Path accuracy : Reduced misalignment to approx. 1/3* of conventional robots

Hollow wrist structure – space saving –

Nachi MZ07F and MZ07LF

Wiring for tooling can be routed through the hollow wrist to minimize the risk of interference with peripheral equipment, allowing flexible operation even in small spaces.




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